School Audits 101

Educating Pennsylvania's children is an incredibly important job — but making sure children are educated well while staying within a budget and within the law is, to be sure, a complex, difficult task.

To help school board members, administrators, taxpayers and reporters better understand how school audits work and what accountability the public should expect from school officials, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and his team created an informational video titled "School Audits 101."

This video can also help residents gain a greater understanding of what to expect from their school officials, particularly school board members.

Topics in the "School Audits 101" video include:

How governance affects an entire educational institution

Audit vocabulary

How a performance audit works

Common audit findings

How to manage employment contracts and third-party vendors

Resources to learn more about school governance

Each year, the Bureau of School Audits within the Department of the Auditor General audits about 200 school entities, including traditional public schools, vocational-technical schools, intermediate units, charter schools and cyber charter schools. Audit reports are available at: