Auditor General DeFoor Serves as a EC3 Commencement Speaker, Encourages Students to Choose their own Path

June 01 2024
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Auditor General DeFoor Serves as a EC3 Commencement Speaker, Encourages Students to Choose their own Path

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ERIE, Pa. – Auditor General Timothy L. DeFoor today served as a commencement speaker at Erie County Community College’s (EC3) second commencement ceremony. Auditor General DeFoor spoke to students about their achievements and his personal experience as a community college graduate and encouraged them to choose their own path using the skills they learned in their time at EC3.

“Leave here tonight knowing that you have the skills not to just advance your career, but to succeed in life,” Auditor General DeFoor said. “Erie County Community College may be the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ mark on the map, but you aren’t staying here. You get to pick the next stop on your path.”

“You have already defied the odds, so you are prepared for what’s next,” Auditor General DeFoor continued. “So be bold, make a path to a place you would never have thought you would be.  But always remember, the education you received here will provide the direction and skills you need to be successful. The same way my degree from a community college did for me.”

Auditor General DeFoor graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) with an associate degree in paralegal studies. During his speech, he spoke about how his path was different than that of his siblings and other people he knew. However, he used his experience and the skills acquired at HACC to pursue a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a master’s degree from Harrisburg University, and then go on to serve Pennsylvania as Auditor General.

“I can tell you firsthand, serving my community has been one of the greatest gifts I could have ever given,” Auditor General DeFoor said. “The rewards have made me a better person and helped direct me on the path I am now. So, my fellow community college graduates, when someone ever asks you, ‘what path do you want your EC3 degree to take you?’ I want you to say, ‘Wherever I want to go.”

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